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Paradox of democracy


Paradox of democracy

Darwin propounded the concept which proclaimed that the fittest only can survive, may it be plant or animal and when weighed on the scale of scientific reasoning, this appears to be significantly true and universally holding fast at large.

Should I elaborate this concept in terms of “struggle for existence” it will not be untrue in the wake of the scenario prevailing in country presently. Furthering this could be self expressed in the form and state of affairs, encountered by the inmates of society day to day.

The Human civilization evolved through a continuous process of reformation and achieving excellence remained centre of the objective. While learning about the theory of evolution one comes across a statement given by some eminent researcher – the goal of evolution is not human. Then what? The level of intelligence & excellence acquired by the human beings should not be mistaken to be the ultimate perfection or goal achieved. It will not be out of place to state that in the quest for excellence and achievements, the human values are rather lost some where.

The all time great leader Abraham Linkon has wisely described the Govt. in a Democratic set up as- “The Govt. of the people, by the people and for the people”. But to day what is observed and experienced distastefully is- “The Govt. is off the people, bye to the people and far from the people”. With this the scenario, the essence of Democracy is lost, no doubt.

And with this situation in the fore the quote of Fred Woodworth appears to a reasoned truth when, he states that ‘Government is an unnecessary evil. Human beings, when accustomed to taking responsibility for their own behavior, can cooperate on a basis of mutual trust and helpfulness’. 

It left me wondering on many occasions, does the Democracy in India mean an environment in which every one is free to behave as frantic as wished and is there no place for the law with natural justice? Does it mean to be license for the strong armed subjects to over rule the norms of the society and dogmatize the weak?

 Does Democratic freedom achieved through struggle by leaders! Means a society where the law abiding inmates are scared of the Policing, they have a sense of insecurity and their effort is to avoid approaching for any kind of relief to the makers of law so as to avert undue harassment? If one approaches to a police station to lodge a complaint, firstly the station I/c will not be available and if at all he is there, it is next to impossible for the commoners to register a report. The station officer & his assistants will harass the complainant so much, as if he has committed a crime by coming to the police station that one would run away without writing a report. In the event of a road accident the on lookers would refrain from taking the wounded to hospital due to the fear of getting ‘trapped’ in the police enquiry, for exhibited mercy & humanity! Where the elections of the University students are sponsored by the Political parties and to inculcate among the youth what kind of leader ship?

 Is it a true Democratic system in which competence is ignored and preferential treatment is extended on the basis of cast and creed? The voice of certain categories is promulgated while the stakes of others are ignored- why? Where as the Constitutional provisions are based upon the principle of equal opportunity to one and all, then why discrimination? The motive behind this practice is getting unveiled gradually and this practice would be revolted and challenged may be, after a gap of few generations when, Democracy in its true spirit will prevail in the country.

The above are a few instances quoted and this situation is not only explosive but also alarming for one and all and should be reckoned as eye opener for the days and generations to come. People grow, strive for some thing and …vanish from the scene but, the fact remains that the marks of their thoughts and actions remain and the legacy is to be accounted for inevitably by the upcoming generations. This holds true since the ages past- the era of Ram-Krishna, Buddha- ‘tathagat’, may be Nero, great warrior Hitler or Gandhi, to quote a few who propounded their thoughts and policies when, the masses were mobilized. In the context of the Indian democratic set up the thought expressed by Jorge Luis Borqes that the ‘Democracy is an abuse of statistics’ becomes pertinent and at times one feels ashamed of being a part of the system.

The beginning as above is attempted with the hope that such writings might prove to be a guiding lamp for the up coming generations and the "Aryan" Nation regains its glory as before globally. (shripad)

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